Pine Tree Supper Club: A Hidden Gem in Tomahawk, WI

Pine Tree Supper Club: A Hidden Gem in Tomahawk, WI

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Pine Tree Supper Club in Tomahawk, Wisconsin is a family-owned restaurant serving classic steak and seafood dishes. The menu features locally sourced ingredients and homemade desserts. The cozy interior and outdoor deck overlooking Lake Nokomis make for a memorable dining experience.

How to Experience the Best Dining at Pine Tree Supper Club Tomahawk WI

Are you looking for the ultimate dining experience in Tomahawk, Wisconsin? Look no further than Pine Tree Supper Club! This hidden gem is tucked away in the Northwoods and offers some of the best food, drinks and atmosphere around.

When planning your visit to Pine Tree Supper Club, there are a few things you need to know:

1. Dress to Impress: This isn’t your average casual restaurant. Expect upscale ambiance with rustic touches like wood paneling and a cozy fireplace. To fit into this elegant setting, dress accordingly – business casual or dressy attire is recommended.

2. Reserve Your Table Ahead of Time: Whether it’s date night or a special occasion, booking ahead will ensure that you won’t be disappointed on arrival. This popular spot fills up fast so get your name on the list!

3. Try Their Famous Friday Fish Fry: No Midwest supper club would be complete without their famous fish fry! Pine Tree hosts an award-winning all-you-can-eat fish fry every Friday evening, featuring crispy battered cod alongside homemade coleslaw and potato pancakes.

4. Sip on Classic Cocktails & Craft Beer: Take advantage of their fully stocked bar which includes seasonal craft beers as well as classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds – a staple drink in Wisconsin supper clubs!

5. Indulge in Decadent Menu Offerings: From their juicy steaks served with sautéed mushrooms to pan-seared sea scallops atop wild rice pilaf – each dish at Pine Tree boasts vibrant flavors and carefully crafted presentations that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

But don’t just take our word for it– sample one of everything yourself! And if you’re not able to try everything during your first visit (which may very well happen) rest assured knowing that Pine Tree Supper Club will always welcome you back for more deliciousness.

So grab your significant other or friends and head up North to Pine Tree Supper Club for an unforgettable dining experience!

Step-by-Step Guide to Enjoying a Memorable Night at Pine Tree Supper Club Tomahawk WI

Are you looking for a fun-filled night out with your family and friends in Tomahawk WI? Well, look no further than the Pine Tree Supper Club! This restaurant located on Highway 51 offers fantastic food, an inviting atmosphere, and live music that will leave you singing along all night.

Step One: Make Your Reservation

First things first, make sure to call and secure your reservation at Pine Tree Supper Club. Reservations are highly recommended as this popular restaurant can get quite busy during peak hours. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Step Two: Take In The Atmosphere

Upon arriving at the Pine Tree Supper Club, take a moment to appreciate the rustic yet cozy décor of the place. The wood paneling and dim lighting create an intimate ambiance perfect for a night out with loved ones.

Step Three: Choose From A Delicious Menu

Next up is choosing from an excellent menu full of tasty options. From juicy steaks cooked to perfection, fresh seafood dishes like pan-seared walleye or Shrimp Scampi Pasta, classic appetizers like their famous shrimp cocktail or mouth-watering Onion Rings nothing quite compares about dining experience there.

Options for vegetarians are also available; enjoy one of their signature salads topped off with some buffalo cauliflower bites- Even meat lovers won’t be disappointed trying these creative recipes! Alongside mains there is something special about finding starters that perfectly accompany evening meal including bread warm straight from oven & served along side homemade buttery spread truly sets tone for ultimate enjoyment during dinner time here.

Finally dessert offerings range far (Buttermilk pie) – sour cherry cobbler without any chance being too overwhelmed sweet tooth demanding treats late into evenings specials prepared head chef that day itself.

Step Four: Live Music To Keep You Entertained All Night Long

What’s better than enjoying great conversation over delicious food? Adding live music into the mix! At Pine Tree Supper Club, different bands play Thursday through Saturday evening offering a wide range of musical genres. From country to rock and everything in between, there is something for everyone here.

Step Five: Don’t Forget About The Bar

No night out would be complete without indulging yourself with few drinks from bar- There’s no shortage of drink menu options either; choose your preference whether it is wine or craft beer alongside mixed cocktails that practically begs (for) continuation throughout the night!

So what are you waiting? Make a reservation at Pine Tree Supper Club today and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable night filled with great food, music, laughter and memories!

Pine Tree Supper Club Tomahawk WI: Get All Your Questions Answered

If you’re looking for a classic Wisconsin supper club experience, look no further than Pine Tree Supper Club in Tomahawk. Nestled in the northwoods, this family-owned establishment has been serving up mouth-watering steaks and fish fry since 1955. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, here’s everything you need to know about dining at Pine Tree.

First things first: reservations are recommended. This cozy restaurant only seats around 100 people, so it can fill up quickly on weekends and during peak tourist season (which is basically any time there isn’t snow on the ground). You can call ahead or even make reservations online, which is a convenient touch.

Once inside Pine Tree, take a moment to soak in the wood-paneled walls and vintage decor – it’s like stepping back in time. The casual dress code reflects the laid-back atmosphere; don’t worry if you’re not wearing fancy clothes or high heels.

Now let’s talk food. If steak is your thing (and why wouldn’t it be?), Pine Tree offers Angus beef that’s hand-cut to order and cooked over an open flame grill. From ribeyes to filets to New York strips, there’s something for every carnivore on the menu. And if you want surf with your turf, they’ve got shrimp scampi skewers and Canadian walleye too.

But wait! There’s more! On Friday nights from September through May, Pine Tree also serves up their legendary all-you-can-eat fish fry. Choose between cod or perch (or get both), along with coleslaw, bread basket, potato pancakes or french fries…the list goes on.

And did we mention homemade desserts? The turtle cheesecake might just change your life.

Finally, besides great food and charming ambiance—Pine Tree Supper Club’ s ultimate claim-to-fame is having two well-known alumni customers: Warren Buffet and his wife dined there when they were in Tomahawk checking out timberland back in 1993. Apparently, it was a memorable experience for them as Warren Buffet wrote a heartfelt letter of appreciation to the Supper Club praising its food and service.

Now that you’ve got all your questions answered about Pine Tree Supper Club, what are you waiting for? Make your reservations (or just stop on by) and enjoy good company, great food, Wisconsin hospitality!

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Pine Tree Supper Club: A Hidden Gem in Tomahawk, WI
Pine Tree Supper Club: A Hidden Gem in Tomahawk, WI
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