Need to Contact Pine Tree Legal? Here’s Their Phone Number

Need to Contact Pine Tree Legal? Here’s Their Phone Number

Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a non-profit organization that offers free civil legal help to people in Maine. Their phone number is (207) 774-8211.

Pine Tree Legal Phone Number is an important tool that helps people in Maine get access to legal assistance and information. But how exactly does it work? In this simplified guide, we’ll explain the ins and outs of Plum’s phone number service.

First off, what is Pine Tree Legal Phone Number exactly? Essentially, it’s a free hotline that connects you with legal professionals who can give you advice on various legal issues. These issues could include anything from domestic violence to housing disputes to healthcare rights – pretty much any kind of civil law issue imaginable.

So what makes Pine Tree Legal Phone Number stand out compared to other hotlines or services? For starters, it’s completely free – there are no hidden fees or charges for using the service. Additionally, callers have access to trained staff attorneys who specialize in different areas of law such as family law or consumer protection laws which make sure all questions will be answered thoroughly and accurately.

Now let’s talk about how easy it is actually to use Pine Tree Legal Phone Number! If you need some legal guidance simply dial up their toll-free numbers anytime Monday through Friday at 9:00am until noon and then again during their afternoon session 1:00pm-4:00pm. A friendly operator will answer your call promptly (no frustrating automated systems here!) and connect you directly with one of their attorneys or paralegals without any wait times – hooray!
Once connected with an attorney, they’ll listen carefully as you describe your situation so they can provide helpful counsel right away. They never rush clients’ calls even though others might keep asking them queries simultaneously — each client receives the full amount of time needed for effective consultation without interruptions whatsoever.
Depending on the nature of your case or question posed by yourself which determines whether further referral assistance may be provided these questions often concern complex cases where more extensive research needs conducting than telephonic under strict confidentiality protocols exist throughout; This ensures that sensitive information shared is protected since advocates are aware of how critical legal discourse can be — particularly in cases involving delicate family matters where confidentiality may come under scrutiny.

Now perhaps you’re scratching your head and thinking, “Okay, this all sounds great – but what if I don’t even know where to start or which concerns fall within the Pine Tree Legal Phone Number’s expertise?” Rest assured: Plum’s service is perfect for anyone who feels intimidated by the often-mystifying universe of law. They’ve answered countless questions over the years and always strive to guide clients through these complicated processes as painlessly as possible. So whether you have a general question or a specific issue, they’re ready to provide helpful advice anytime you reach out.

To conclude our simplified guide to Pine Tree Legal Phone Number: This hotline provides a fantastic resource in Maine! If you ever need some guidance on any kind of civil law issues no matter how small it may seem at first; then pick up your phone and dial their toll-free number without hesitation- It could potentially save lots of time/money spent searching for

A Step-by-Step Guide to Get in Touch with Pine Tree Legal Phone Number

When it comes to legal issues, getting expert advice is crucial. If you are in Maine and need reliable and free legal aid, Pine Tree Legal is the organization to contact. They offer a range of services such as civil rights assistance, housing discrimination prevention, educational advocacy for kids with disabilities, bankruptcy support, immigration services and much more.

But what if you don’t know how to get in touch with their phone number? Worry not! In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of reaching out to Pine Tree Legal’s phone number.

Step 1: Visit their website

The first thing you should do is type “Pine Tree Legal” on your preferred search engine or simply visit their website directly at This website provides an overview of the organization and all available resources that are offered on different forms such as guidance sheets that can be downloaded online.

Step 2: Go To The Contact page

On the homepage menu bar located at the top section click “Contact.” You can also reach this webpage by scrolling down on the home page until you see “Get Help” Then select “Contact Us”, which will take you straight to where their telephone numbers are shown.

Step 3: Find Their Phone Number

Once they have opened up contact information tab simply select Telephone from one of tabs provided across like email etc..

Thereafter either use desktops shortened tab codes for call Pine Tree Legal’s toll-free helpline (which works nationwide) calling #1-800-452-1948 Or choose local code numbers as per preferable area/township locations nearby onto device used eg; mobile/phone/computer/laptop etc… This key piece shows other possible areas that could serve citizens accordingly within various regions around entire state specially when needing help right away;

Aroostook County Office
Maine-DOT Building
255 Bangor Street
Houlton ME 04730
Scheduled office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST.
Phone number: (207)532-9427 or toll-free at #1-800-948-5168.

Cumberland County Office
88 Federal Street,
Portland ME 04101
Scheduled office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST.
You can reach Cumberland county office through their phone numbers; call (207)774-8211 or toll-free helpline #(866)-834-HELP.

Penobscot County Office
42 Second St. Suite LL001 Bangor ME,04402-
Office Hours Are Open All Weekdays Excluding Holidays At Standard Business Timing That Begins From Early Morning Till Afternoon Late Hours And Saturdays Between Ten To Two O’clock PM EST Timezone Will Work Up to Three Hour duration .
To contact Penobscot based legal services Center one can dial on either of the given four client telephone hotlines depending upon their needs that suit accordingly as per issues faced thereby

Have you heard about Pine Tree Legal Assistance? If not, let us give you a brief introduction. Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal help to low-income people in Maine. They assist individuals with legal issues such as housing, domestic violence, public benefits, and consumer issues.

Now that you are familiar with what they do, it’s important to know how to reach out for help if needed. That’s where the Pine Tree Legal Phone Number comes into play! In this blog post, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions regarding their phone number. So sit back and relax while we guide you through everything that you need to know!

Q: What is the phone number of Pine Tree Legal?
A: Their toll-free hotline is 1-800-452-8969. You can also call them at (207) 774-8211 or use their online form on their website.

Q: Who can call this number?
A: The hotline is available for low-income Maine residents who require assistance with civil legal problems.

Q: What should I expect when calling the hotline?
A: When calling Pine Tree Legal Phone Number, expect to be greeted by an intake specialist who will ask some basic questions about your situation so they can determine how best we may be able to provide assistance or refer elsewhere if appropriate.

Q: How long does it take for someone from Pine Tree Legal team reach me after my initial contact request?
A: They strive to respond within two business days but sometimes response times vary due to volume.

Q: Is there any fee associated with using this service?
A: No fees are charged for obtaining information or advice over the telephone from one of our staff attorneys or advocates

In conclusion, getting access to affordable legal support may seem overwhelming but thanks to organizations like pine treee only just calling hot line numbers could solve vast range of problems indludeing dirving licemse reatiening,custodial rights,serving protecting from abuse to name a few. So don’t hesitate, give Pine Tree Legal Phone number a call or visit their website today!

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Need to Contact Pine Tree Legal? Here’s Their Phone Number
Need to Contact Pine Tree Legal? Here’s Their Phone Number
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